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Wardrobe Management and Styling

A wardrobe consultation will provide you with a new improved organised wardrobe, ensuring you have more to wear and developing your own unique style.
The place it all begins is with a wardrobe consultation we begin with a cuppa (just milk thanks!) and chat to determine your needs to find out more about you and your end use for clothing and reasons for using me.LR_2812
Then we venture into your wardrobe as daunting as this sounds its the best way to commence to really see what clothing you are drawn to and what styles and shapes you are buying, then you will shortly find out what you maybe need to stop buying and what you then need to buy to really develop on your fabulous style and build your current wardrobe into a workable edited collection of clothing you cannot wait to wear each day.

In a wardrobe consultation

  • We will discuss what body shape you are and why certain shapes and styles may not be right for you and what shapes and styles are great for you.
  • We will create outfits from your current wardrobe that you may never have imagined.
  • Decide on the pieces that maybe heading for the black bin bag or charity shop.
  • Learn why some clothes may still have tags on or have only been worn once. It is estimated that we have 40-50 unworn items in our wardrobes at any one time so if we times that by an average spend of say £30 (or more if you have expensive tastes) that’s £1300 a lot of money spent on unworn clothes !!!
  • Develop an easy to use working capsule wardrobe so getting ready is not so much of a chore but a pleasure.
  • Make a shopping list so either I can go and select the items for you on a Personal Shop or so that you have a list to shop from for future shopping trips. Saving you money on items you can use and tie in with your wardrobe rather than items that will gather dust.

A wardrobe consultation is a great way to get out of a style rut, I m like a fresh pair of eyes on your style and clothing and will open new clothing ideas for you.
From a wardrobe consultation the next fun step will be personal shopping armed with our shopping list and budget set I’ll pre shop for you before you even come shopping so all you do is try on the styles I select not hunt through rails or trawl round the entire high street.
Wardrobe consultations can be bought with or without a shop check out the Mens services page or contact me to discuss your needs.


Options available for Satisfashion Wardrobe Consultations

Half day/ up to 2 hours – This would be ideal to look at parts of your wardrobe maybe your work wear or smart casual area to clear out and create a few new outfits and make a shopping list. Great to make a capsule wardrobe for specific wardrobe areas such as workwear, smart casual, occasion, holiday.
Full day /up to 4 hours – This is ideal to look at your full wardrobe have a clear out and then create a number of outfits from what you currently have, then to make a shopping list for pieces that you can buy.

By the Hour – This is a great option for a number of problems maybe you want someone to come and pack for you to go on holiday and create ideal outfits for your break away be it for business or pleasure. Maybe you have lots of clothing that you would like to be cataloged or would like to have outfits created and then photographed to be able to remember how to wear.

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