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Satisfashion Women’s Style Services

Satisfashion is completely unique to each individual client and can be adapted to suit what is needed , this could be on how big a wardrobe they have how much they need to shop for and the ultimate desired end result.women

To make it easier I have broken my services into options (but as mentioned before each client is unique and we can tailor a service to your exact requirements)

The starting point…

Wardrobe Consultations

2 hours – This would be ideal to look at parts of your wardrobe maybe your work wear or smart casual area to clear out and create a few new outfits and make a shopping list. Great to make a capsule wardrobe for specific wardrobe areas such as workwear, smart casual, occasion, holiday.

4 hours – This is ideal to look at your full wardrobe have a clear out and then create a number of outfits from what you currently have, then to make a shopping list for pieces that you can buy.

By the Hour – This is a great option for a number of problems maybe you want someone to come and pack for you to go on holiday and create ideal outfits for your break away. Maybe you have lots of clothing that you would like to be catalogued or would like to create outfits and then have photos of these to refer back to.

Typically after a wardrobe consultation a Personal Shop would occur.

Personal Shopping in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Aberdeen or any city of choice.

2 hours
Ideal for focused shopping on a particular part of wardrobe, work smart casual or a capsule wardrobe collection.

4 hoursIdeal for a whole new wardrobe or for a shopping tour of Edinburgh.

By the Hour – Great way to shop depending on your exact needs.

Satisfashion Specific Packages

My most popular package.

Satisfashion Wardrobe and Personal shop package

This includes the up to 4 hour wardrobe and up to 4 hour shop, ideal if you are wanting to look at the full wardrobe covering all areas or if you have a few wardrobes to go through.

Mini Wardrobe and Mini Personal Shop Package 

This includes the up to  2 hour wardrobe and the up to 2 hour shop, this is ideal for a wardrobe update and also looking at a specific area of your wardrobe be it work or smart casual.

One off shopping by hour – Maybe you just need a few pieces to take you through the next season, maybe you just need to find the perfect jeans or coat?

Satisfashion one off shopping by the hour is a quick and easy way to shop. Get in touch to find out how Satisfashion personal shopping by the hour will work for you.

Satisfashion Unique services

Concierge service – Do you need to get an outfit for a meeting or need to get something specific and struggling to get to get it? I offer a concierge service that is quick and easy without hassle. Get in touch to find out how Satisfashion Concierge service could work for you.
Packing service – Does packing annoys you or you always take too much or never know what to pack? Satisfashion packing service can take the stress out of packing. You will get list of what to wear on each day of your trip and will ensure you don’t over pack or take things you will not wear. Get in touch to find out how Satisfashion Packing service could work for you.

Mum and Daughters Day out – This package is created for mums and daughters to spend some quality time together learning about each other’s own individual style. What better day to be together than a shopping day with your own personal stylist and shopper each trying on clothes. A proper girlie day out. Get in touch for more information on Mum and Daughters shopping day out.

Satisfashion Style Parties

Style Parties can be organised for any size of group and be completely tailored to the needs and wants of your group, it can be in the comfort of your own home or can be arranged to be held within your favourite shop. Maybe its for a charity event or for a birthday party Style nights are a great time to get all your friends around and see some amazing outfits and learn more about your personal style. Each style party can be worked out to any budget and any size of audience.

Satisfashion Hen Night in Edinburgh

Our fabulous Hen Night Style Party is for Hen parties in Edinburgh. Spend the day shopping in this fab city with your very on Edinburgh personal shopper to get your look nailed for your night out .

Back in your accommodation before you head out for the Hen night out get a Personal Makeup Artist and Hairstylist come to your room to makeover your hen and party members to really make you all feel like celebs before stepping out for the night on the town.

Whilst all of this is going on do you fancy having an on hand fashion photographer that will take amazing photos that you will all have to keep as great memories of your time on your Hen do . For Satisfashion Hen parties in Edinburgh please get in touch as we have varying packages that can accommodate all budge

Satisfashion shopping tours 

Shopping for cashmere and tartans to designers and high street, vintage and fabulous independents Edinburgh covers all the shopping bases for a fabulous Scottish shopping experience. What better way than with your very own personal shopper to guide you to the right shops for your needs and wants also with a bespoke tailor made tour from your.

Shopping Tours of Edinburgh are charged at a full day rate (6 hours) and tailored to each groups needs and wants.

Satisfashion Makeup 


Satisfashion Make up bag consultation with a Day to Night makeup Lesson – Emma will come to your home and go through your current makeup she will then show you a fabulous day makeup look using the makeup you currently own. She will also suggest colours and brand that may suit you too. She will then show you have to change up your makeup to an evening look.

Satisfashion Day to Night Makeup Lesson – Maybe you are happy with your current makeup but would just like to be shown different techniques of how to use it , Emma will show you a great Day look and then evening look and teach you how to wear your makeup in a different way.

Satisfashion Makeover

Satisfashion Makeover for a full makeover with hair and makeup and photography

Satisfashion has grown to now have a team of fabulous lovely professionals that I work with to create the ultimate makeover package. The ultimate makeover starts with a Satisfashion wardrobe consultation then into a Satisfashion personal shopping experience, then makeup artist Emma Then the fabulous hair stylists will help with your hair then we will put your ultimate makeover look together and get the look snapped with my favourite photographer Ashley. This is a great present for any woman who is looking to really develop her personal style it would be a fabulous confidence booster and also a great step into any new phase of your life be it new job, new era or just a complete whole new you.


All my services can be adapt to each individual clients needs so get in touch to start your Satisfashionable experience. Contact me on 07801822234 or email