Well I ve been around for a while now on the Personal styling scene of Edinburgh and
Scotland(I set up Satisfashion in November 2006 and started writing for ion that

I want to begin my Satisfashion Blog to share with others
my life and learning of my amazing job as Satisfashion personal stylist and shopper.
It is so many girls dream job to shop for a living and be surrounded by clothing too
that it's only fair to share my experience and love of all things clothing related
so here begineth my blog. I think to begin it would be worthwhile a bit of q and a
with me so you get to know me a little better.

Why now to blog ? 
I m not going to be a blogger who blogs about unrealistic fashion choices I m for
the everyday real men and women who live in the real world performing real jobs with
everyday needs for clothing - I love looking at fashion blogs and seeing photos of
skinny Malinky models in amazing garments and I truly appreciate them but then
reality is another thing and everyday how we really wear clothes is my angle for my
blog - I m going to show you what's great on the high street and what real life
people are actually wearing to perform real life situations not dream fantasy
outfits - saying this I went on holiday when about 18 to Barbados and packed an
outfit for just incase I met Elton John on the beach but again not reality as I
never wore this outfit - one day though:)

How did you become a personal shopper and stylist?
I get asked this so many times - well from a young age I loved dressing up and my
granny used to make clothes so was always mesmerised by sparkly sequins and luxe
fabrics. Then growing up I was lucky enough to travel quite a lot with my Dads job
as a professional golfer but I wasn't interested in the golf ,so mum and I went
shopping so wherever we went we'd find the shops and then shop till we dropped, then
I d come home and create as many outfits as I could out of the clothing I d just
added to my wardrobe so over the years I think I ve developed quite an eye and now
have magpie vision on awesome pieces in the shops, I love creating outfits using
different stores to really find an individual look.
 I worked in shops up to store management and then moved to the head office side
working as an assistant buyer within this time I did a course at the Alicia Kite
academy and I was trained as the first stylist in Scotland with a new breed of
personal styling different to that of the colour me beautiful generation, more
individual and personal. Then I set up Satisfashion in November 2006 and started a
monthly article for ion Edinburgh magazine in the December and I have grown as a
stylist over this time styling real men and women - Satisfashion started styling
males in October 2012 with big plans for the future with Satisfashion.

Do you have a massive wardrobe ?
Again another question I get asked loads
I have quite a big wardrobe I d say I have quite a number of classic pieces that I
add my fashion pieces too seasonally - I personally like to find pieces that will
last a long time rather than a few wears and love to mix and match my outfits so I
get loads of wears out of my clothing.

What is your favourite shop on the high street ?
I don't have one favourite shop I have a number of go to shops for different things
but to name a few personal favs are H&M, Zara, Whistles, and I would swap my
wardrobe for Anthropologie to set up  in there as I love that shop. With my clients
I use all shops to find the best garment for them.

Do you have a style crush? 
Again I don't have one person I channel when creating my style I m more individual
than that I love Fearne Cottons style as she makes any combination work and I also
love Holly Willoughbys style as she dresses really well for her bodyshape. 

Do you have a crush?
Olly Murs is my ultimate crush and I also love the way he dresses (thought I d add
this just incase one day he's looking for a stylist in Scotland:) 

 Feel free to send me questions to fashion related problems and queries as I d love
to help as many of you as possible and ensure you get total Satisfashion.
contact me on 07801822234 or info@satisfashion.co.uk
Yours stylishly
Laura x


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