Being a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper is an amazing job but their is one persons job I dream to have , being a regular viewer of STVs Lorraine my favourite TV Stylist comes in the form of Mark Heyes. What I  love about Mark is his complete and utter understanding of real women and his fabulous way of how he dresses them.

I managed to grab a quick chat with the legend stylist himself after his Spring Fashion show at Intu Braehead Shopping Centre, to find out more about him and style and fashion and stuff, ahhhhhhhhh too exciting 🙂 Here are a few of the outfits shown on the catwalk at Braehead.

I m not just saying this but he was such a lovely man, on TV what you see is completely the gent you get to meet he had time for all his fans that wanted a chat and a photo, making my love for my idol run even deeper he even didn’t mind chatting to me. But watch your back Mr Heyes as I WANT YOUR JOB 🙂




Satisfashion :How did you become a stylist ?

Mark Heyes : “I m very lucky because I m 37 now, and I started when I was 18, thats 19 years ago! and 19 years ago not many people were stylists. I was at Glasgow school of Art , I started to study graphic design because I was 17 and a child and didn’t know what I wanted to do , I realised about a year into it I didn’t want to do Graphic Design I wanted to do fashion luckily I was allowed to turn it into fashion illustration course. Alongside my course I did fashion styling for The Evening Times,Daily Record,Herald and other publications. Back then I said I wanted to become a stylist people used to say “hairstylist” as thats what people knew a stylist as . Back in the day their was me Kelly Cooper Barr and a couple of others knocking about and we were the only ones doing it ,it was great.

I then got asked to do a Channel 4 pilot series ‘She’s got to have it’ which is going back many years. It was a brilliant concept you had a £50 budget, £250 and £1000 budget and you had to get the trend in that budget, but this is going back to the days before Primark, gosh I m old!! so we had to use 2nd hand shops, it was a lot more creative,  to cut a long story short they did the pilot series then asked me to do the entire show! so it was great I had to move down to London straight from art school, so I got a job down there. I m not saying it was that easy , there we’re lots of crap bits in-between working in call centres and working in shops doing about 3 jobs and then working for free in the day it was horrible but thats how it all kinda started.”

Satisfashion: How did you get onto Lorraine how did that job come about ?

Mark Heyes : “There was a show on Sky One with Lorraine that started at 9.30 we finished Lorraines show at 9.22 then went live on Sky One at 9.30 and they wanted all different people on the show. I was on that as the fashion expert  so I moved from “She’s Got to Have it ”  , thankfully about 3 people and my mum watched the programme so that gave me a years practise of Live TVand then I got taken on the main show and I wasn’t as crap as I was.”

Satisfashion: How many years have you been on Lorraine ?

Mark Heyes: “I have been on the show for 13 years, I started when I was 24 .”


Satisfashion : Who has been the best person you have ever dressed ?

Mark Heyes : “I know this sounds really soppy but it goes on from our conversation we had before (Mark and I discussed our mutual LOVE for dressing REAL women) I just love dressing real people more than dressing celebrities. I just launched my range of clothes with Marisota and we did a pop up shop tour around the country, that was some of the nicest experiences ever. That was my clothes that I was putting on size 26 and 28 ladies who had not worn a dress since they were 16 and they came out crying its just incredible to be able to do that, its just brilliant, and things like that will always stay with me.  As far as celebrities go they tend to drive me round the bend, but I suppose styling people like Lady Gaga and stuff like that has been great,  but give me a size 26 Real lady anyday.”


Check out Mark Heyes AVA Collection at Marisota some fabulous pieces from sizes 12 -32, with his expert knowledge of what flatters and looks great on real women, heres a few of Satisfashions’ fav pieces from the collection.


“The worst thing in London you could possibly do is Overdress whilst the worst thing in Glasgow you can do is Underdress! “

Satisfashion: What words sum up Scottish style to you ?

Mark Heyes :” Thats quite a difficult question, I wrote my dissertation about how Glasgow was obsessed with fashion and sometimes not Style, and this was the reason why Versace opened up in Glasgow before it opened up anywhere else in the country. Glasgow was so obsessed with showing what we were wearing, so I think ‘Label’ sums it up. I also think Glasgow should be very proud for the fact that they like to get ready for a night out . Even across the rest of the country you see in Liverpool girls knocking about with rollers in their hair during the day to get ready for that night out, they would never do that in Glasgow, never in a million years this is what I think is great , I love the fact people put major effort and time into getting ready for a night out. The worst thing in London you could possibly do is overdress whilst the worst thing in Glasgow you can do is underdress.”

Satisfashion: Do you prefer Edinburgh or Glasgow style ?

Mark Heyes : “I don’t really know Edinburgh style that well, but I m going to have to say Glasgow because I love that effort that they put into fashion, I love that I really do.”

Satisfashion: If you had £100 to spend on an outfit where would you spend it ?

Mark Heyes : “It has to be Primark, they are the King of budget and value shopping.”

Satisfashion :Where would you spend £500?

Mark Heyes :”£500 you could probably get a cracking Zara outfit, Zara is brilliant.”

Satisfashion: Who is you fashion icon?

Mark Heyes : ” I do love how Tom Ford Dresses, but I don’t have the patience or the stamina to wear a suit everyday , also he can get away with it because he is ridiculously handsome,  like if I put a neckerchief around an open shirt I would just look like a dick, whilst he just looks Gorgeous! ”


Satisfashion :What one item should be in everyones wardrobe ?

Mark Heyes :”A Denim jacket”


Satisfashion : What should we watch out for next season ?

Mark Heyes :”For next season my favourite trend is Fairytale  – seeing Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino Red do lots of medieval bits, D&G collection was all about little red riding hood and Valentino Red was Snow White and Kenzo had hints of it as well ,all of a sudden all these fairytale trends came up which I love and can’t wait to see on the high street.”


Mark Heyes thank you so much for your time and amazing to speak to a fashion styling legend, you have taught me so much about fashion and style over the years from watching you on Lorraine for that again I thank you.

Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkHeyes and check out his amazing range at Marisota and watch him with Lorraine weekday mornings on STV.

I will not forget that one time when Satisfashion met Mark Heyes

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Stylish Love

Laura xxxxx





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