Ladies are you wearing the right bra size ?
Do you just buy bras in the same size you were the last time you got fitted which could be longer than a year ?
Have you had that bra longer than 6 months ?
I see this far too often with my clients that you don’t get bra fittings for over a year maybe even longer . Breasts change size throughout all times of your life and even throughout a year you can change through a few sizes so whenever you buy a new bra make sure you get professionally fitted into it and don’t just presume you are the same size as last fit !!!!!  Remember that every different brand will fit slightly differently so get into the lingerie fitting rooms and get measured into that next bra!!!
Ok so my bra rant over and have you heard about Triumph’s new campaign Stand up for Fit  – this May Triumph is launching its global Stand Up For Fit campaign. More committed than ever to helping women solve their lingerie issues and feel their best, Triumph has pledged to fit 100,000 women globally this year.To rally women across the UK, Triumph will be hosting a number of local Stand Up For Fit events. The team will be in John Lewis Edinburgh on 9thand 10th May, inviting all women to pop into the store from 10am for a complimentary bra fitting and glass of champagne from the brand’s lingerie experts.
Do you know your bra size? You might think so, but a recent study of 10,000 women by Triumph found that 76% per cent of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

Despite the average woman spending £88 a year on lingerie, researchers found that 29 per cent make a purchase fully knowing that it is not the right fit.

Triumph’s survey also revealed that over 73% of women agree that badly fitting lingerie affects their confidence, negatively impacts their working day and can even affect their performance in job interview scenarios.

Julie Hannah, fashion columnist at the Daily Record, will be attending on Friday as a guest speaker. From 2-3pm Julie will be talking about the importance of wearing the correct fitting lingerie, not only for comfort but also for the confidence and feel good factors it can lead to. And with a career history as a model for Triumph there’s sure to be lots of hints and tips on refreshing your lingerie drawer.

The Triumph fitters will also be on hand to advise local you of all of the points to consider when choosing a bra from the wide range of stylish and comfortable fits available.  Customers will receive a 20% discount on Triumph lingerie garments purchased at their fitting and will take a goody bag away with their purchase. All customers are further invited to have their photo taken whilst telling Triumph what they stand for to enter the prize draw for a luxurious weekend break for two people.

Michelle Fordyce, Edinburgh consultant at Triumph, said: “The event is about advising women in Edinburgh and helping them find the best fitting lingerie for every shape and occasion. The perfect lingerie can dramatically improve the way you look and give you confidence and we believe that the first step to your perfect fit is to receive advice from experts who can offer correct measurement with advice on tailored cuts to flatter your natural body shape.  

“’Stand Up For Fit’ is our mission to help women discover their actual size and to break down the barriers when searching for advise on lingerie and personal fittings. Fit has always been at the core of the company, and it’s where we want to innovate.”

Sheila Hamilton, General Manager Triumph UK and Ireland : “Stand Up For Fit is our mission to help women discover their actual size and to break down the barriers when searching for advise on lingerie and personal fittings. We know that in the UK 37% of women knowingly buy the wrong sized bra because there are barriers to purchase such as not knowing their correct bra size or having an incorrect fitting. Triumph is seeking to encourage women to get fitted, and lay to rest all the issues that keep them from wearing a correctly fitting bra.  At the heart of Stand Up For Fit lies the knowledge that the perfect lingerie can dramatically improve the way one looks and feels, and translates into feeling more confident”

And if you aren’t able to nip along to one of the events, there is also an 
online fit guide full of helpful hints and style tips.

So Ladies try and make time to come down to John Lewis Edinburgh to be fitted and claiming your fabulous 20% discount and goodie bag on Friday 9th May or Saturday 10th May from 10am till 6pm for you to STAND UP FOR FIT !!!!

If you can’t make friday or saturday but would love to learn the importance of perfectly fitting underwear to wear over fabulous clothing check out for all Personal Shopping and Styling solutions.

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