tumblr_ncnyxzbKGP1thj1b3o1_1280Not only has Satisfashion had a mini makeover but I have a new techincal baby to now look after 🙂 Introducing to you all www.girlnextdoorstyle.com .

Girlnextdoor is a collaboration between myself on the fashion styling side and my photography bessie Ashley with her amazing photography and technical skills. A new concept of Fashion Blogging.

Girlnextdoor is about realistic fashion and ideas into different ways to wear clothing.


tumblr_ncpli6ByRq1thj1b3o1_1280What is #girlnextdoor all about ?
Girl next door is a fashion blog that is for real women that really want to make the best of themselves but find fashion and style quite intimidating and feel to be expressive or “out there” they don’t feel confident .
#girlnextdoor is about giving all women the confidence to share what works what doesn’t and really enjoying clothing and looking good whatever shape size or stage of live your in early teens to adulthood, through first loves, pregnancy, wrinkles and those times when u think am I too old for this. Fashion and style is ageless and we need to embrace that and enjoy it – getting dressed each day will start to become fun :))))

Each month we will be having a new focus and showing you our photoshoot of the month where you can buy these looks share them with your friends and talk to us about it .

Who are we ?
We are Ashley and Laura, Ashley is a photographer extraordinaire for her business The White Light Company and Laura is a successful personal shopper and stylist from her own business Satisfashion, we are both based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

How did we meet ?
We met on Twitter and had a coffee that turned into 2 that turned into ending each other’s sentences ! Basically we got on straight away our creativity flowed and got us to this point of setting up #girlnextdoor

How can you get involved ?
#girlnextdoor is all about sharing, caring and helping each other. We dream for you all to post your looks you created on our Instagram and ask us questions on our facebook and twitter and tell us what you want to see as it’s all about what you girlnextdoor want help and advise with 🙂

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