Name: Dan Age: 36 Occupation: Project Manager

What did you enjoy most about your time with Satisfashion ? How easy the whole process was from start to finish. From the initial contact with you, filling out the info about myself and even the actual shopping day, which I was a bit nervous about.

What did you enjoy least about your time with Satisfashion ? When I got home and worked out how much money I had spent!

Did Satisfashion help with what you wanted to use Satisfashion for ? Definitely helped me get a wardrobe of clothes that all go together in multiples different outfits.

Would you recommend Satisfashion to Friends and Family ? Would most definitely recommend your service to friends.

If you where describing Satisfashion to a friend what would you honestly say ? That the whole thing was very easy, that your service is as relevant for a man as it is for a women, that you didn’t make me feel uncomfortable even when doing the wardrobe review.

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