Name: Jim Age: 50’s Occupation: retired police/legal services

What did you enjoy most about your time with Satisfashion ? The opportunity to have someone review your clothing style and making constructive comment.

What did you enjoy least about your time with Satisfashion ? Apprehension before the visit and not enough money to buy all the clothes recommended!!

Did Satisfashion help with what you wanted to use Satisfashion for ? Undoubtedly, yes

Would you recommend Satisfashion to Friends and Family ? Absolutely. And have done – expect a few calls in the next few months.

If you where describing Satisfashion to a friend what would you honestly say ? It was great to get a view and advice on the best look for me and to have suggestions as to what to do to achieve this.

Any Other Comments Have worn several of the clothes recommended and very happy with the outcome. Friends and family have made several favourable comments too.

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