Name : Lesley Age :67 Occupation: Retired

What did you enjoy most about your time with Satisfashion ? It’s always a pleasure to meet Laura – she is so positive and enthusiastic. She is always very patient – nothing seems too much trouble for her. I have enjoyed both our ‘wardrobe assessment’ sessions and our shopping trips. Laura has helped me to put together a capsule wardrobe which is suitable for my lifestyle and age.

What did you enjoy least about your time with Satisfashion ? Can’t think of anything.

Did Satisfashion help with what you wanted to use Satisfashion for ? Yes. I needed to replace all my clothes after losing weight (through illness). I can find shopping quite exhausting but with Laura’s help and pre-shopping it makes finding suitable clothes so much easier – we can achieve so much in a fairly short time. It’s great that Laura is so flexible – happy to do anything from a short 1 hour shopping session to a longer session as needed.

Would you recommend Satisfashion to Friends and Family ? Yes

If you where describing Satisfashion to a friend what would you honestly say ? Give it a try! It’s made clothes shopping so much more enjoyable and successful for me.

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