I went along to the Laing Edinburgh sparkle evening back in the winter . It was a lovely evening and even more lovely that I was able to take my mum along too and got to meet the stylish gent that is Mr Michael Laing OBE himself.

Michael Laing

Laing is Scotlands oldest Family jewellers with over 175 years working with diamonds, so they know a thing or two about precious stones and every single Laing diamond is personally selected by Michael and his son Richard (Thats amazingly personal I love this fact!!!!)

Michael Closeup

This blog post is about Valentines Day proposals for any of you out there who is wanting to pop the question to your beautiful partners this VDay !!!!! I thought I would give you all a bit of a helping hand from a girl who knows a thing or too about Shopping and selecting the best of the best in Edinburgh :)))


image from http://www.ezyshine.com/5-romantic-valentines-day-gift-ideas-ezyshine/


So you are ready to pop the question but thinking “what ring?” I would recommend you hit one stop only and make it Laing.

Laings’ customer service is one of the best experiences of service I have witnessed (I am not just saying that, or being paid to say that )  Customer Service is something really close to my heart and when you see the way the staff tell you about the product, and they get excited as you do this is genuine real love for what they do and this shines through. Its not pushy at all just perfect service !!!

What about the ring options welllllllll personally missing a vital ingredient in the engagement process (A man ) I haven’t experienced the ring trying on excitement but on the sparkle evening I didn’t need no man !!!!! But I definitely got the excitement. I was really taken by the family rings on offer at Laing and loved the story behind them which makes these amazing rings even more special and personal.

The Family Collection is unique to Laing with every piece perfectly illustrating the charm, elegance and originality of their designs. The rings are inspired by the ladies of the Laing family and named after Michael Laings’ daughters and grand daughters. Their lovely, distinct personalities and characteristics have influenced these unique ring designs with little details like hidden diamonds bringing elements of surprise and delight.

Check these beauties out they are all available in different carat weights, metals and prices with complementing wedding bands to suit each engagement ring. (Any of these rings I majorly support your decision on this choice:)

Suzanne – Stylish, Sophisticated and Loving.

Suzanne from £2,459

Suzanne from £2,459

Esme – Graceful, Elegant and a Perfectionist

Esme from £895

Esme from £895

Sienna – Humorous, Creative and Kind hearted

Sienna from £2,795

Sienna from £2,795

Isabella –  Adventurous,Mischievous and Playful

Isabella from £995

Isabella from £995

Anna –  Dreamer, Gorgeous and Caring

Anna from £1,350

Anna from £1,350

Being a girl of unique exquisite taste, I was really taken by the quirkiest ring (and obviously the most expensive) The Iconic Ring-  I loved the fact it wasn’t your usual engagement ring and the way it sparkled I fell in love with it maybe tried it on a few too many times , so maybe I am going about this whole love engagement/marriage thing the wrong way – choosing the ring not finding my guy – but look its sooooooooo pretty !!!!!!!


Iconic Ring From £9,950 – think this one I m wearing is from £37,000

So to any of your lovely guys who are planning the big proposal this Valentines day (not to me but your gorgeous Girlfriends) please look no further than Laing Edinburgh you will be so happy with the amazing product, staff and service.

If you guys want help in choosing an amazing ring then as a personal shopper in Edinburgh , Glasgow and Aberdeen I would be happy to accompany you to make the best selection. Contact me on 07801822234 or email info@satisfashion.co.uk

Lots of Satisfashionable love

Laura xx



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