LR_3321CName:Lindsay Age: 37 Occupation: Neurophysiologist

What did you enjoy most about your time with Satisfashion ? I loved every part of the day but particularly enjoyed the wardrobe session – discovering combinations of clothes/shoes/belts/accessories I already own and creating completely new and brave looks. I’m now wearing clothes that have hung in my wardrobe for years and am eBaying those that don’t work for my shape. I also enjoyed walking out of Jigsaw with the perfect Mac, knowing I’d made a great investment in a quality garment that will last me for years. Other highlights included: learning that a good bra and red skinny belt are the answer to pretty much everything, mid-shop coffees and getting the giggles over floppy hats!!!

What did you enjoy least about your time with Satisfashion ? Sore tootsies the day after 😉

Did Satisfashion help with what you wanted to use Satisfashion for ? Satisfashion not only met but far exceeded my expectations. I gained a lot more than just new clothing and have discovered an interest in fashion and enjoy dressing to accentuate my curves. I love the way my new style makes me feel and getting ready to go out is now FUN, rather than a chore. Spending time with Laura has given my confidence a massive boost and opened up a whole new colourful world of looking and feeling fantastic.

Would you recommend Satisfashion to Friends and Family ? Without hesitation.

 If you where describing Satisfashion to a friend what would you honestly say ?  Do it!!! Take the plunge. Not only is it fun and hugely confidence boosting, it’s also economical. The money I will save now that I am utilising everything in my wardrobe, combined with the cash I’ve made selling my unsuitable clothes more than outweighs the cost of the session. This is not just a luxurious service for rich people and celebrities – it’s an investment in YOU and by the end, you feel like you deserve it. It’s also a thoughtful and original gift for partners, friends and family – perfect for a special birthday or to celebrate and encourage a shape change or a new job. It’s certainly one of the most considered and special gifts I’ve ever received.


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