Satisfashion has been out of the office for a little holiday. For this break my boyfriend Mark and I decided to use our week off with our new way to holiday, a ‘Staycation’.


With Stobo Castle being the sponsors of Ladies Day at Musselburgh Racecourse (last year I styled the fashion shows and Mark produced the runway music) it seemed the perfect destination to treat ourselves to a little rest and recuperation.

Stobo is only 45 mins away from Edinburgh with the drive down into the picturesque Borders. Eventually when you reach Stobo you feel well and truly out of the rat race, surrounded by wildlife and lush green hills, you feel so chilled.

When we arrived, we were shown around the hotel by the lovely receptionist Elanor. She led us to The Oriental Suite where we slept during our stay.

Within around 5 minutes of being in our room there was a knock at the door, when a bottle of champagne was delivered.  This was the perfect way to start the Stobo Spa stay with a little glass of champers.


From arrival, we were in robes within around 10 minutes before a trip to the Spa area. We explored the whole area which included a steam room, pool and outdoor hot tub complex.

After a relaxing pool and hot tub session, we got set for a gorgeous 3 course meal in the dining room.

The views were incredible with a beautiful view over the misty hills, the food was sensational.

What a fabulous meal, served up by Alex and her waiters, it was time for bed……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. We can honestly say it was the best sleep we’ve had in months.
After sleeping like royalty in our castle it was time to get back into our robes for breakfast.

After a fantastic (healthy) breakfast, it was time for our spa treatment in the mud room.

Waiting to be taken into your treatment is such a lovely experience: sitting on a comfy couch surrounding the beautiful olive tree with lovely lanterns. Theres an experience in the ladies toilets (I will leave this as a surprise for you when you visit!  ;0)  )

It was nice to also watch a short video about Stobo Castle sponsoring Musselburgh Ladies Day.

Last year I didn’t see any of the races but this year I’m super excited about attending and judging Best Dressed at the course. Mark and I cannot wait to have a little bet, we love attending Musselburgh Racecourse events it’s a really alternative date venue.

This Ladies Day is looking set to be exceptional with the fabulous day of racing followed by a DJ set from Vernon Kay !!

Make sure you get your tickets. If it’s half as good as last year, it’ll be incredible!

Anyway back to our ‘Staycation’ , we hit the Spa to have our Serailbad Mud Room for 2 treatment. Check out all the other treatments Stobo offer .

The combination of radiant heat and the self-application of body and face muds creates a rejuvenating yet relaxing experience. The highly effective 100% organic mud nourishes. detoxifies and decreases inflammation. The soothing warm temperature allows the mud to dry and the chamber then fills with herb infused vapours to gently soften the mud as a warm shower completes the experience.
After feeling exceptionally relaxed and silky smooth after our mud experience, we headed to the newly refurbished relaxation room to chill for 30 mins.


We decided to have one last shot at the outdoor hot tub and swimming pool before we sulked back to our room to pack up and check out. (Booooooooo!) We honestly didn’t want to leave the most relaxing spa we have been to, we absolutely loved our stay.

Before you leave and check out at 12pm you are also served lunch, a beautiful open buffet with hot (clean) options available.

After lunch and spending most of our ‘Staycation’ eating or relaxing we thought it best to take a walk so we headed down to the Japanese Water Gardens.

I can only imagine many people come to Stobo and don’t venture down to the Water Gardens, our advice is DO IT !!!! It is one of the most romantic places I have ever been so go check it out, plus a little walk around the Loch is advisable with beautifully stunning views.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Stobo Castle and we both highly recommend you visit. Be it just for a break with your girls or boys or as a couple, the hotel and spa has something for everyone.


Looking all refreshed as we leave Stobo 🙂

Thank you to Stobo for our stay and here’s a massive hint to Mark…. I want to go back again! (Tell your partner the same ladies! :0)   ) Check out Stobo Castle website to create your perfect stay.

Make sure you catch Mark Martin on Forth 1, weekdays between 3pm- 7pm and Sundays from 12-4pm. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @immarkmartin.

When I’m on duty and not ‘staycationing’, I’m a Personal Stylist and Shopper based in Edinburgh check out my site for more information.

See you at Musselburgh Racecourse on Saturday 11th June for Stobo Castle Ladies Day .

Much Love,

Laura & Mark



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