It is the foundations of every outfit yet Lingerie seems to be taking centre stage and so many brands are creating lingerie that you want to show off rather than hide.

With sheer dressing being ever so on trend, I was invited to the Ultimo event at Jenners Edinburgh to delve a little deeper into how to be wearing underwear as outerwear.

Ultimo is situated within the lingerie section in Jenners Edinburgh and boasts an impressive array of bra styles from my go to basics of t shirt bras to more fashion styles in cool colours and also beautiful wedding lingerie, check them out.

The range that ultimo wanted to show to us was the range that is a little more playful and one that maybe think is pretty but would never know how to wear , it has been featured at London Fashion Week for the first time this season on the backs of Henry Hollands Models and includes lace bralettes, and harness straps.

Ultimo set us bloggers a styling challenge  in which we had to style up an outfit channeling this seasons “Underwear as outerwear” trend. We had a rail of fabulous House of Fraser product and given these awesome Ultimo styles to “go style” with I choose this super cool lace bralet that isn’t out until July !!!! They can be worn over your own bra, which i was rather happy about as couldn’t go without !!!

This is the outfit I created.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 15.57.21

Love this skirt from House of Fraser by Pied a Terre

But I have to say I have been completely seduced by the Ultimo range and cannot wait to get my lace on again !!! I would say its more of an evening affair going out for drinks or hitting the town as can’t see it going down terribly well in the board room. But its nice to feel sexy and a little risqué at times when you dress up for a night out.

Lingerie should be something that you show off rather than hide behind but dare you flash your undergarments ?

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Stylish Regards

Laura xxxx

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