Its been a little while since I’ve  posted as I’ve have been taking  time out with the arrival of my first born baby girl. On Monday 27th Feb after a full on labour, my beautiful daughter Lilah-Grace entered my world and its changed ever since. (She’s now 12 weeks old, how did that happen?!)

Now, I’m just living in oh so glam sweatpants and talking baby not fashion. I no longer shop just for myself or my clients anymore but my little girl too. I try to buy myself a few pieces but I always end up finding another baby site and buying wee LG something she will not appreciate until I show her the pictures when she’s older. #mummyismystylist 🙂

I thought I would introduce LG to you with a few snaps of her in some of her cool clothes and give you my tips on whats best to buy as a start for a newborn baby.  (Wardrobe from 0-3months old)

I had no idea when I started planning her wardrobe when pregnant and couldn’t find the ‘how to’ guide online.  In my head she had to look cool but I never contemplated the practical side of it. I will share with you the error of my ways and hope  this serves as a ‘how to dress a newborn baby’.

Life before LG was all outfits in my head and how cool she would look. I couldn’t see any outfit without a pair of shoes and she arrived into the world with a pair of DMs and 2 pairs of Vans (even I don’t have this.)

My first lesson is STOP before you make a shoe purchase for a newborn baby.

OMG they are as cute  (I mean look at them) but  getting a pair of DMs on a newborn wriggly baby (then actually keeping them on) isn’t worth the hassle or cost, so save this expense for when they can walk.

I was home day from hospital one day then we needed to take LG to get a heel prick test. This was her first outing, I was so excited to choose her outfit (that Daddy had to put on her), this separates little bunny tracksuit, as cute as she looked in it it was such a faff at 3 days old !!!

Lesson 2: Separates are not as simple as they look on a newborn baby!

Stick to bodysuits and rompers for the first 3months. Save yourself the hassle!

Mothercare – Myleene Klass

Lesson 3: Load up on Bodysuits (with the feet) and Rompers (without the feet so you need socks.)

Poppers down the front is the best option when dressing a newborn, so you can open it up, lay it down then add baby, anything over the head can cause tears ! (You have been warned!) Bodysuits are great for every day , here’s a selection of LG in her body suits. I find the best quality ones are from Boden, Joules, Mamas and Papas and Next with such cute designs. For some, more budget bodysuits such as TU at Tesco and George at Asda have some fab designs.

Mittens on sleeves is the best invention, if like my LG she is a scratcher when tired and babies come out with long nails!  Mittens that are separates last about 2 minutes till they fall off again so mitten sleeves are incredible.

Lesson 4:  Under all  bodysuits and any outfit you put on your new born you need a vest, short sleeve baby grow or long sleeve baby grow so get yourself a collection of these.

Newborns aren’t so keen on them going on or off so strech out the neck as this helps rather than upset them further.

I bought plain white ones from Asda at £2.75 for 3 and they have been ideal , they wash well and if you get a bit of poop on them you don’t worry about throwing them out.

The Gap vests are fab if you want to invest a bit more in them. The white ones are classic looking and great to have but I’m starting to get colourful vests. All her outfits are colourful and exciting from underwear to outerwear.


Lesson 5: What size to buy?

This was an ongoing saga throughout pregnancy and realistically you won’t know till they are here.

I didn’t think my bump was very big and ended up having a 9 pound 7 baby, so who knows!?

I would say buy a few pieces in first size and newborn with the majority in 0-3 months, in the worst case roll the sleeves back !!

Lesson 6: Dresses for newborns.

There’s far too much fabric! Just select girlie bodysuits and save yourself the hassle until they get bigger; even at 3 months I’m seeing dresses as a hassle so using them only for special occasions.

Lesson 7: Outerwear.

This area left me a bit bewildered! It still does when you leave the house wondering if you have the right amount of layers on them!

I bought Lilah a fluffy bear all in one weather suit but this didn’t really work out as planned. It’s  really bulky and you cannot put them in car seats in large outerwear . Personally, I bought LG a fleece (see the Debs one below right) sweatshirt (from Gap) and bodysuit she wears when we go outside.

Most outdoor suits have hoods but these don’t work practically with car seats (plus the hood is huge and covers her eyes, as you can see I turned back the grey one!)

Lesson 8: Gifts.

You will receive so many gifts when your new baby comes along you can probably dress them for the first year.

My advice to you would be, try and be realistic about what you want to put your baby in. I had so many floral pieces bought for LG (I love a floral but it wasn’t what I wanted her in) so I took a lot back to exchange for gift vouchers that I can use when she runs out of clothes. I felt this was a better way to manage her presents rather than just leave them left unused with tags on. The top lesson is don’t be shy about doing this, a lot of shops will pop it on a gift card without a receipt if you’re scared of returning items and not having the receipt.

Lesson 9: Constant Wardrobe Consultation.

I feel that Lilah’s wardrobe is constantly being assessed (maybe thats because its my job) but it helps .

Put a bag next to their changing area, once it gets too small, bag it! You can come back to the bag once it’s full, decide what you plan to do with it (a- save for baby number 2, b- charity shop or c- sell it.) Keep clothing in size categories, get yourself some age dividers or separate ages by drawers.

Lesson 10: Other things that helped us through the first 3 months

Ewan the dream sheep – We always put Ewan on when Lilah is in bed to send her off to the land of nod. Press his feet if you little one stirs a in the middle of the night. He has magical powers so is highly recommend.

Derek the dragon – This animal is Lilah’s best friend and ours . A true legend when she’s been crying he’s a big distraction to Lilah, she stares at him with big smiles. A must for a new baby!

Chico next to me – I love this! It’s like co-sleeping but she has her own space and is super close by if she stirs in the night.

Bean Bag – What do you do with your baby when she’s not feeding and awake ? This bean bag is a lifesaver for me, it also allows baby what’s going on when awake rather than being laid down in crib. This bean bag is also a great place to be when baby needs a nap.

Gro Egg – Monitoring the temperature in our room and consistently does a fab job.

Tiba and Marl – Changing Bag – Get yourself a cool one, I have the silver one and love this brand. This is the proper non-mumsy changing bag and is super stylish!


Here are links to my fav shops for Lilah




Mamas & Papas

Mothercare – Myleene Klass Range


Do message me if you have any questions dressing your 0-3 month old.

If you are looking for help with your own wardrobe or your little one’s check out my website

Stylish regards

Laura and Lilah-Grace











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