I love this time of year when all the sparkle hits the shops.
One shop I have been spying on this season,  and had to venture into when I noticed all the festive fabrics hitting the rails was, Simply Be

This admittedly was my first time in trying on clothing from Simply Be who cater for sizes 12-32.

I have to admit my attitude towards SB was that its not a shop for me being a size 14, but I was hugely surprised when I took to the fitting rooms armed with tons of pieces to try on from Jeans, tops and sequins that actually the cut and quality of fabrics is great. It has left me with a new found warming to the fact, It is a shop for me, and that I will definitely go back, as and when a new clothing purchase takes my fancy. (So see you next week SB !!! )

Gone are the days of the plus size shops (If I m even allowed to utter that now ) this is a shop for all, they just happen to cater for sizes not covered by the rest of the British high street and they unlike a lot of the rest of the high street consider the curvier body shapes of typical British women, who have areas of there bodies they like to disguise and accentuate.

May I also take this time to say how much of a great job Simply Be have done in a transformation from where they were to what they are now and the attitude and stigma associated with the tag Plus size.

Enough of my passionate preach but essentially I m telling you if you are a size 12-18 don’t knock checking out the collection that Simply Be has to offer when your doing your rounds of the great British high street for your next clothing fix.

Any way onto the fashion ……….

Here are my Satisfashion top 3 picks for this festive season ahead from Simply Be. (Click on the pictures for Links)

Velvet Jacket
You cannot getaway from velvet this season (or any festive season ) therefore this jacket had to enter my wardrobe and will remain for a long time.
I love it because it can be worn in so many ways with a simple camisole and jeans, worn over a dress as a fab winter cover up (NO BOLEROS ALLOWED ON MY WATCH). Worn loose as you would maybe a cardigan (NO BORING CARDIGANS ALLOWED ON MY WATCH)so this is a cool alternative to a cardigan.


Sequin Skirt
Yet again another shape of skirt that is massive on the high street right now, this one caught my eye as I love the sparkly bead addition. Its a great option to dress up and down. Dress it down with a cool slogan tee and trainers or dress it up with a nice top and sparkly ankle boots

Slogan Tee
I m slogan Tee obsessed, and this one can double up as a cool Christmas jumper nod. “I m Just Sleighin” had to be done. A cool Slogan Tee isn’t going anywhere and is kinda becoming a wardrobe staple .


Here is how I styled up the pieces



Go and check out all the gorgeous party wear at Simply Be here !!!


Thanks so much to Simply Be for introducing me to your brand and my fab new items in my wardrobe, I will definitely be back and showing my clients what you have to offer.

Thank you for reading




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