What to wear to Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day when you have left it to the last minute ?

When it comes to occasions, realistically how many do we get a year? 

At Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day we’re giving ourselves another opportunity to get properly dolled up and why not? The best dressed prize for you Ladies is £3000 at stake and oh, a weeks loan of a really cool car.

This June, I’ll be back judging Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day, Best Dressed Male and Female for a fourth year running, I can’t wait to see who’s the most stylish of them all.

If you’re going to Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day what are you going to wear? In this blog post I hope to guide you with some top tips in getting ready for the fabulous day and take away that ‘I’ve left it too late’ fear …

First stop in the ‘what to wear mission’ should be your current wardrobe ……. 

I’m a massive advocate of shopping in your wardrobe (check out my wardrobe consultations) so search through your clothes, search through your friend’s wardrobe too.

Is there something in there that can be re-worn and updated to look as good as new? Do you have a trusty LBD or little floral number that can be jazzed up with some statement earrings, heels and a hat to be races ready?

If this is the case and you have found ‘the one’ in your wardrobe then let’s go shopping for accessories

I would recommend you find the perfect accessories here:

Hats and Fascinators – House of Fraser ,John Lewis , Sally Ann Provan

Jewellery – Next, Topshop

Shoes and Bags – Topshop, Marks and Spencer

 What if you’ve searched high and low but nothing is working for this years Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day, where do we start?

Stobo Ladies Day is typically all about the dresses and this season the great British High Street has it all: floral, lace, bold colours, pastels and stripes.

If you find a dress style you feel comfortable and confident in, make sure to add a hat or fascinator and you’ll be races ready. If you have another big social occasion, you can wear the same dress, its great to find a dress with multi usage. Dress length is really important, long dresses can be a little awkward at the races. Heels, hats and grass are hard work enough never mind having to grab the hem of your dress all day, I would recommend trying the midi length or shorter if you like.

More outfit posts can be seen on Instagram @satisfashionstylist

Race Days are a great opportunity  to wear white (other than being the bride at your own wedding) so take this opportunity

More outfit posts can be seen on Instagram @satisfashionstylist

If you would like to try something different some great alternatives are jumpsuits and trouser suits. The latter has made a massive come back this season so I’d love to see some ladies sporting this trend at Musselburgh Races Ladies Day.

More outfit posts can be seen on Instagram @satisfashionstylist

This season the skirt is having made a massive moment. I think skirts will allow for a very individual look at the races as you really have to build your outfit piece by piece and could be on my lookout list for a winning outfit.

More outfit posts can be seen on Instagram @satisfashionstylist

Its never too late to buy a full outfit and just think the later you leave it the more chance no one else will have the same thing so don’t stress out.

Go for an inspirational shop and try on some different styles to get fresh ideas and take up any personal shopping in stores as they know their collections better than anyone. Also consider a Personal shopper like myself to suggest new ideas that you may not think of and even go to shops you wouldn’t usually visit. 

In Edinburgh shops I can highly recommend for occassionwear are.

Frasers – West EndNew Look, Zara, Jenners, Anthropologie, Karen Millen, Coast (Obvious so try other before !), Jane Davidson – Thistle Street , Harvey Nichols, Reiss,  John Lewis.

The finishing touches.

Once the main outfit is decided, it’s time to think accessories (see links above) and also consider a coverup just in case the unpredictable Scottish weather turns up .

Rather than the usual cardigan, bolero or pashmina (bleurgghhhh!) why not consider a dress with sleeves so you dont need to even think about a cover up. How about to really funk up your dress why not add a biker jacket or blazer? There are so many colours and textures of biker or blazer styles rather than cardigans, that make outfits look old and frumpy so get some structure with some tailoring.

Have the best time at Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day whatever you end up wearing. Here’s a quick insiders tip, be confident, it’s all about how confidently you wear your clothes that helps  you stand out more. Wear it, work it, own it!

If you would like to find out more about how my styling services could work for you check out www.satisfashion.co.uk and check out my Instagram for more outfit inspiration. If you would like further links to any outfits in this blog post do send me a message.

I’ll see you on June 2nd at Musselburgh Races Stobo Ladies Day.

Laura xxxx

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