When you become a Mum the fear is you will live a sad, sick covered existence, but fear not as #satisfashionfix is back with a “How to be a Stylish Mum?” special.

Here are a few looks that can easily be recreated to make you a Stylish Mum

So What do you wear to be a Stylish Mum ?

The jumpsuit should not be feared, (at worst you get an extra few minutes at the toilet break from the kids so embrace it !) This one is super cool and great for going to soft play and also this season heading to the Edinburgh festival.

Spot jumpsuit


Belt bag


Dungarees, now how many of us love to dress our babies in these? but when it comes to you, have you ever considered it ? Now is the time to get onboard, its a fab wardrobe hero, that you can throw any shirt or top underneath and gives you instant cool.


Leopard shirt



Just jeans and a t shirt is a usual Mum style staple but why not be a bit quirkier than that and throw on a floral kimono jacket to this mix, or a Blazer is a great way to be a little more stylish than just jeans and a t.

Kimono Jacket

T shirt




If you cannot get into being a stylish Mum, and need a hand don’t hesitate to check out my website www.satisfashion.co.uk

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Laura xxx

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