Top 5 Key Pieces for School Run Outfits

It’s that time of year again when you will be waving your little one off at the school gates, they are sorted with all new uniform yet we forgot about that important person doing all the running round and prep for this historic day…. YOU!

What are you going to wear on the school run ?

Here are my 5 pieces that are needed to make getting dressed super quick and easy whilst keeping you looking stylish yet that you haven’t given it a 2nd thought ….. aka effortless 🙂


Key Style Piece 1 - Throw on Sweatshirts


The easiest item to chuck on with a pair of jeans for minimal effort is a sweatshirt , go as colourful as you like, add effortless style by pushing up the sleeves and a slight french tuck and paired with your fav jeans you are ready to go.

Key Style Piece 2 - Throw on Tops

Throw on relates to those tops that have some style and are effortless yet not a T shirt or piece of dull bobbly knitwear. A tip when it comes to throw on tops would be a pattern doesn’t need to be ironed half as much as a plain top.

Here are a few examples , throw these tops on with your favourite pair of jeans and a cool pair of trainers for an instant school run outfit option.

Key Piece 3 - Throw on Dresses

The throw on dress is the ultimate in getting ready in a rush. I personally also throw on my Snag tight chub rub shorts or cycling shorts and go .


Depending on weather wear with a denim jacket, blazer or shacket or wooly coat over the top. Also consider adding a pieces of knitwear or sweatshirt over the top to create that easy skirt and top combo.


Pair dresses with trainers or boots for a super easy run out the door look. 




Key Style Piece 4 - Cool Trainers

A trainer can update a look so easily, even if it is just a T Shirt and jeans pop that trainer to add some cool.

Here are my fav trainers.

Key Style Piece 5 - Cool Rainwear

Living in Britain we never know when we need one but the school run is the perfect time to get a cool one as remember the jacket/coat is the thing that finishes off the outfit.

Don’t just go for black because it will go with everything ….. blah go for something fun.


Additional Key Piece - Dry Shampoo

Ok ,ok I know thats not fashion or style related but it’s the key beauty tool needed to ensure fabulous hair whilst in a rush.

You could always add a cool headband once you have dry shampoo’d

My fav is Bastiste.


If you need a hand creating outfits for school run ....

The best way to get sorted with outfits would definelty be a Wardrobe Consultation, I will come into your wardrobe either virtually via zoom or in person and we go through everything you have for the current season. We create new outfits and decide what to clear and what you actually need and create a shopping list so you have a clear plan of what is needed.

Click here for more information on my Wardrobe Consultations.

Stylish regards



Let me know your comments on this blog and comment below 🙂 

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