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Hello I m Laura, I set up Satisfashion back in 2006 as I just LOVE all things clothes, style, shopping, fashion. I had spent too long in my wardrobe of an evening from a young age trying all my clothes on making different outfits that i knew i needed to work in fashion and as my fashion wheel was worn out and Barbie had had numerous makeovers something was brewing to become a Satisfashionista. Childhood days spent with my mum in shops all over the world embedded my magpie vision for amazing pieces then as my life evolved getting my first job in a clothes store dictated my life would be spent surrounded by hangers and fabrics. Working in fashion retail my whole career from the shop floor to a fashion buyer for numerous well known high street chains.

Satisfashion is my baby 1st baby (I do have a little girl called Lilah as well) I want to offer a unique up to date Personal Styling and Personal Shopping service that is not stuck in arcaic formulae and set looks or colours its current its up to date and with the times and celebrates what is most importantly suited exactly to you your lifestyle personality and general awesomeness !!!!!
My mission is to make Satisfashion a realistic service that is for all men and women that care about themselves to want to look great and feel amazing and confident, when they leave the house everyday its not just for the rich and the famous but for everyday hard working individuals that maybe don’t have the time or just don’t really like shopping but know the importance to look good, or maybe you are super stylish and just want some fresh ideas Satisfashion can help with all style and image issues !!!

I want to give Satisfashion to the world one wardrobe at a time.

I completely appreciate how women feel at different times of there life, turning of age, having kids, having a career,gaining and losing weight and it really affects the way they feel about themselves what clothing they feel they should wear along with affecting our confidence.
I have the knowledge from my love and passion of all things style, fashion, shopping, body shapes and beauty, along with amazing training at the Alicia Kite Academy to really make a difference to how you dress and how the world sees you because everybody deserves the right to sparkle and to have total Satisfashion.

I was “This is Edinburgh’s” Street stylist and Edinburgh Fashion Blogger for the Style in the city campaign 2014 promoting Edinburgh shops and shopping in the city, writing weekly blogs about street style looks I have found on the streets of Edinburgh then recreating the look from the whole of the cities shopping destinations.

Then for 2015 I was This is Edinburgh’s spokeswoman for Edinburgh Fashion Week, I ran tutorials at the Edinburgh Fashion Week weekend and I MC’d the whole weekend. I was media facing for the campaign and featured in The Scotsman, The Edinburgh Evening News, Scottish Woman, Scotcampus alongside which I appeared on live TV on STV Edinburgh’s The Fountainbridge Show as Edinburgh Fashion Stylist and made over the 2 presenters.

I’ve written for ion Edinburgh magazine as their resident wardrobe mistress and have featured in articles in Elle, Edinburgh Evening News,East Lothian Courier, Sunday Post and Berwickshire News.

I’ve styled fashion shoots for newspapers, Glossy magazines Weight watchers and worked with high street chains developing ranges and in store point of sale campaigns also working on fashion catwalk shows.

Over the years of experience I have within fashion and clothing I understand buying habits of women of why we buy clothing what we use it for when we fall out of love with things and seen so many mistakes and ruts throughout my years of styling I am fully aware of what it takes to create individuals ideal style that will suit their lifestyle and personality.

My portfolio of experiences covers retail management, fashion buying and personal styling and shopping also Fashion styling for photoshoots and catwalk shows. I consult for high street fashion brands to develop and create there ranges to suit there clients needs giving honest and constructive feedback on the current ranges on offer and developing successful customer thought through ranges from how I see their garments fit on the high street .

I ve helped raise money for charities such as the NCT with Personal Styling and Fashion Talks.

 For any fashion writing or fashion styling  in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen ,Scotland enquirers I d love to discuss anyway I can help, please contact me on 07801 822234 or email at info@satisfashion.co.uk

What are your options ?

Satisfashion Womens Services

Check out how my Personal shopping services can suit you.

Satisfashion Mens Service

This is the full Satisfashion Wardrobe Consultation experience: We thoroughly examine your current clothing , dispose of unwanted garments,then create a number of outfits to suit your style, from there we create a shopping list to take onto a Personal Shop.

Gifts for All

This is the full Satisfashion Wardrobe Consultation experience: We thoroughly examine your current clothing , dispose of unwanted garments,then create a number of outfits to suit your style, from there we create a shopping list to take onto a Personal Shop.

FAQS About Satisfashion Styling services

Why should anyone need a personal stylist and personal shopper more commonly known as an image consultant or style consultant ?

Getting dressed and looking stylish is definelty not as easy as we are led to believe, and image is becoming more and more important as people really do judge a book by its cover, and especially with today’s Social Media society we are becoming a more visual nation so looking good is becoming more and more important.
Supposedly within the first 6 seconds of meeting somebody, opinions are made as to how financially successful and socially acceptable you are this is even before you have opened your mouth.

I completely appreciate how men and women feel at different times of there life, turning of age, having kids, having a career,gaining and losing weight and it really affects
the way they feel about themselves what clothing they feel they should wear along with affecting our confidence.

Having a personal stylist and personal shopper will help through these times in life and teach you about your individual personal style.

This sounds perfect for my partner but I fear he/she will be insulted?

Many Satisfashion packages have been bought as presents for Christmas or Birthdays and so far all have been so happy with me as their present. Being a woman is difficult to accept the multitude of changes that happen in our lives from changing of age and thinking can we wear this? To having babies and our bodies changing shape and struggling to deal with what to wear. If you can solve this for your partner I m sure you will earn lifetime brownie points.

I m interested but really worried it will cost a fortune also not sure I want to do everything as in wardrobe and shop?

My main purpose with Satisfashion is to ensure it is accessible for Real people with real jobs and real wages and not just for celebs or those who have unimaginable budgets. Each of my clients are completely different I discuss the best options at the time of booking that will be most cost effective for you and my time can be bought in packages or by the hour so you can choose what will suit you best. You may just want help with the clothing you have creating new outfits or learning to accessorise or have tons of clothes and need some advise and a good clear out after a wardrobe I can make you a shopping list so then you can shop so a wardrobe would suit.

Do you do colour analysis?

NO I don’t do colour analysis – and my reasons why I don’t do colour. I don’t agree you should be boxed and told this is what colours you have to wear. Do you realise how many tones of red there are ?  the high street dictates the colours that are “in” for the season so can be extremely limiting when your working from a swatch book. I m aware of colour and  colours that wash out skins tones and ones the make you look healthier.

Will I come away looking like a different person?

I don’t extreme makeover like the shows such as Gok Wan, 10 years younger, Plain Jane, it’s a gradual transformation that is unique to each client and no client is the same. We all come in different shapes and sizes and from different cultures, values, and lifestyles and have completely different personalities along with all the different end uses for our clothing. Each client is a completely new challenge and individual this is what makes my job even more exciting. I will not tell you the exact colour palette to stick to or dress you in a certain box type. Satisfashion is about individuality of each client and making you sparkle and feel confident in the clothing you wear. The transformation will also be realistic to you and your lifestyle, yes we all want to look like David Beckham or Beyonce but does this clothing fit into your life and what you do, Satisfashion is about you having the best clothing to suit you.

What do you know ?

I can supply you with my cv if that’s what you’d like to see at this point.  I know and understand the frustration the world of clothing can be from opening your wardrobe and thinking you have nothing to wear to going out shopping to be subjected to millions of choices and feeling unsure your making the right one or just buying similar items and getting fed up you can’t look different in some way. I also understand as a woman the pressure we feel to look good and the way that clothing can make you feel about yourself and this then majorly affects your confidence. Maybe I have a clothing sixth sense but I m able to connect well with every client and really find the real them to be translated on the outside with there clothing. I will become your friend rather than employed staff and genuinely want you to look and feel better after spending time with me. Then on top of my bizarre sixth sense I’ve been trained by the Alicia Kite Academy of stylists, I was the first Alicia Kite trained stylist in Scotland back in 2006 and have been styling ever since. I am not part of the colour me beautiful styling era we are a new era of styling.

Well I quite fancy it but I want to lose weight first?

It’s amazing what the power of clothing can do for you. Wearing the right clothing for your body shape and style can literally shed pounds off you as can the importance of underwear. Maybe begin with a wardrobe consultation and decide on the shop for when you feel happy with your weight.

Why don’t I just use a personal shopper in a department store ?

Instore personal shoppers are great but at the end of the day they work for the shop so will be wanting to make sales/commission. With using me I work for you so want to find you the best products from all the stores on the high street I also know what you have in your wardrobe to mix and match with the garments you actually NEED to buy so therefore when you use me I will ensure you don’t just add more into your wardrobe but really make the items you purchase suit your style and are cohesive with your wardrobe. We work to a budget set by you and I don’t let you exceed that making the right garment choices, I shop all stores from Primark to Harvey Nichols so can work to any budget set.

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