Ebay Clothing Clearance

Ebay Clearance

It is estimated that £12.5 billion of good clothing is thrown away every year.

Each person rids themselves of about 8 £24 items a year, totalling £192 just thrown away. Imagine if you didn’t throw away the good stuff and made money from it. I know from visiting many wardrobes that we all have that pile sat there gathering dust “for Ebay” and thoughts of “when I have time” or “on a rainy day.”

I know these days never come.

Now Satisfashion is offering you the opportunity to turn your clutter into £££ with my Ebay Clearance Service.

It is for those based in Edinburgh and East Lothian only, I’ll come and pick up your bags from your house all free of charge.

What are you waiting for get in touch with me today to arrange best time to pick up and get your old pieces sold.

Send me a message to get the terms and conditions.


  • Satisfashion is picking up from Edinburgh and East Lothian only and will take primarily Womenswear, preferably season appropriate. ie in the heat of summer bulky coats will not sell.
  • Brands that are preferred are Whistles, LK Bennett, Phase Eight, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Karen Millen, Mint Velvet, Hush, Oasis, Warehouse, Topshop, Zara, All Saints, Boden, Joules.
  • Products will be picked up from client’s houses, sorted by the Satisfashion team and organised into Ebay/charity shop appropriate.
  • Satisfashion will aim for sales generated within 2 weeks of receiving your product.
  • Products will be placed on the Satisfashion Shop within Ebay and sold on a 3 day sale for best performance.
  • Once sales are secured, Satisfashion will distribute the product to the winner of bid on Ebay.
  • Once postage and Ebay fees are deducted, Satisfashion takes 50% of sales and 50% is transferred to client.
  • Any non-selling product will be relisted and taken to charity if not sold after 2 attempts or can be returned to client.
  • Client will receive a personalised table of Ebay sales list.

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