Womens Wardrobe Consultation

A wardrobe consultation will provide you with an improved stylish, organised wardrobe, ensuring you have more to wear and developing your own unique personal style.

What is a Wardrobe Consultation?

We begin with a cuppa (just milk thanks!) and we discuss your needs, finding out more about your lifestyle and reasons for using Satisfashion.
We then venture into your wardrobe (as daunting as it sounds) this is the best way to really see what clothing you are drawn to, what styles and shapes you are buying and what you may need to stop purchasing. From there, we can decide on pieces to develop your style and build on your current wardrobe into a workable, edited collection of clothing you cannot wait to wear each day.


What happens in a Wardrobe Consultation?

We discuss your body shape, why certain shapes and styles may not be right for you and advise accordingly.

As a team we can decide on the clothing that maybe heading for the recycling bin, charity shop or Ebay (I offer Ebay Clearance check out my terms and conditions).

You learn why some clothes may still have tags on or have only been worn once. It is estimated that we have 40-50 unworn items in our wardrobes at any one time. Multiply this by the average spend of £30 that’s £1300, a lot of money spent on unworn clothes!!

Together we create outfits from your current wardrobe that you may never have imagined.

Using accessories I can show you how to update an outfit.

We’ll chat about the importance of correct underwear- Yves Saint Laurent once said: “Without foundations there can be no fashion ” He was right!

We can develop an easy to use capsule wardrobe, meaning getting ready is more of a pleasure than a chore.

Throughout the Wardrobe Consultation we create a shopping list to work from. From there I Personal Shop for these items suitable for your wardrobe and style. I endeavour to save you money on items which will ultimately compliment your current wardrobe.

I will advise on the latest fashion trends and guide what would work for you.

Each Wardrobe Consultation will include up take of any clothing to be taken to charity shops of choice or Satisfashion can advise on Ebay Clearance on certain items. 

A wardrobe consultation is a great way to get out of a style rut, I’m like a fresh pair of eyes on your style and clothing and will open new clothing ideas for you.

See below options that would suit you or contact me to discover the best option for you.

From a wardrobe consultation the next step will be personal shopping, armed with our shopping list and budget set. From there I’ll pre shop for you so all you do is try the styles I select, not hunt through rails or trawl along the high street.

Wardrobe consultations can be bought with or without a Personal shop contact me to discuss your needs then we can tailor a package to suit.

What are the wardrobe consultation options ?

Satisfashion Wardrobe by the hour

This Satisfashion option allows you the flexibility to solve a number of problems. Maybe you want someone to come and stylishly pack for your holidays?  We can help create ideal outfits for your break, be it for business or for pleasure. Maybe you have lots of clothing that you would like to have catalogued? Perhaps you would like to have outfits created and photographed as a guide of how to wear. Satisfashion can develop a Wardrobe Consultation that works for you.

2 Hour Wardrobe Consultation - Season of Style

This is my most popular Satisfashion Wardrobe option that allows us to work on the current season of your wardrobe. (EG Spring Summer or Autumn Winter) We will organise, Edit and build outfits for specific wardrobe areas such as workwear, smart casual, occasion or holiday. We will create a shopping list to either take onto a personal shop or online shopping edit.

4 Hour Wardrobe Consultation - Year of Style

This is the full Satisfashion Wardrobe Consultation experience covering your full Wardrobe Spring Summer and Autumn Winter.  We thoroughly examine your current clothing , dispose of unwanted garments, then create a number of outfits to suit your style, from there we create a shopping list to take onto a Personal Shop or Online Shopping Edit.

2 hour Wardrobe and 2 Hour Personal Shop - Season of Style

This is my most popular package and is all you need to be organised and prepared for the season ahead. The 2 Hour wardrobe will organise, edit and create outfits for the current season from your wardrobe and the 2 hour personal shop will fill in your wardrobe gaps to ensure you are making the most of your clothing choices. Its not about having lots of clothing its about having the right items for you and your lifestyle. 

4 Hour Wardrobe and 4 Hour Shop - Year of Style

This is the full year of style with Satisfashion. With the year split into 2 seasons of Spring Summer and Autumn Winter. Satisfashion will arrange 4 sessions with you to ensure you have the perfect wardrobe for the year ahead.

What my Clients had to say ……

“Loved the wardrobe consultation. I really liked the way you got me to think about how I might wear existing clothes a bit differently and also gave me the confidence to throw out stuff that I really knew wasn’t working for me. I felt you really quickly got a handle on the type of clothes that are me”– Lesley (49)

“I enjoyed realising what suited me and what didn’t out of my wardrobe. I liked getting rid of the clothes that didn’t suit me so I can now see the good aspects of my wardrobe. I definitely had too much choice of clothes that didn’t suit me after the shop I’m working with less clothing but have far more to wear it makes getting ready in the morning a lot let stressful”- Emily (27)

“I loved the wardrobe consultation. It was reassuring to have a fresh pair of eyes who looked at my clothes and saw a different purpose for them or could see that they could be worn in so many different combinations”- Jackie (34)

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