Satisfashion Womens Personal Shopping

Finished with a wardrobe consultation let’s hit the shops!!!

The main aim of a Satisfashion Personal Shop is to purchase pieces that are perfectly suited to you. Clothing that will add into your new organised capsule wardrobe and mix and match ensuring you have even more to wear and building on your unique style.
I see many women buying the same styles, colours and outfits they always have done, this can be extremely limiting on what fun can actually be had with your wardrobe and the options available to you from the whole of the high street.
With a photo of you as my screen saver and shopping list in hand I go on a pre shop ! I basically go out shopping for you selecting clothing what will suit you and your budget ; maybe even from shops and brands you haven’t considered or seen before . I will get the items held for you then when we return together for our shop you will just try them and not waste time searching rails. (This is all included in my hourly rate)

When we are shopping together we save pieces in shops that you are happy with then we have a few moments normally in a fitting room to discuss what your plan of shopping purchase attack will be ! We decide on the best pieces for you to go back and buy that will complement your wardrobe and overall desired look then we go back and purchase !! (when all the hard work becomes real :). I will talk you through what to wear each new piece with from your current wardrobe, different ways to wear it and also by the end of it you will be telling me how you plan to wear your new pieces !
At the end of our shopping trip you will come away with pieces that will add into  and complement your capsule wardrobe and ensure you will never again think “I have nothing to wear”.
Personal shopping packages are available check out Womens Services to find out more, and I can shop in any city you wish. I mainly Personal shop in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen
Please contact me to discuss any Personal Shopping enquiries.

Contact me on 07801822234 or email


What are the Personal Shopping options?

Satisfashion Personal Shopping By the hour

The by the hour personal shopping experience is ideal for a few pieces that are needed to update your wardrobe for the season ahead. You may need an occasion outfit or looking to complete an outfit you own. 

Satisfashion 2 Hour Personal Shop - Season of Style

The 2 hour Personal Shop is an effective use of your time, getting you exactly what you need for the season ahead or fixed with an outfit for an occasion. It is a focused personal shopping experience which includes up to 2 hours pre shopping by your stylist. 

Satisfashion 4 Hour Personal Shop - Year of Style

This options gives you 2 shopping experiences with Satisfashion Stylist and is a great Christmas gift for a year of perfect style ahead. 2 Blocks of 2 hours Personal shopping to get all thats needed for each season.

Satisfashion 2 Hour Wardrobe and 2 Hour Personal Shop - Season of Style

This options gives you the perfect season of style starting with a 2 hour wardrobe consultation and then a 2 hour Personal shopping experiences with Satisfashion Stylist  .

Satisfashion 4 Hour Wardrobe and 4 Hour Personal Shop - Year of Style

This options gives you the full Satisfashion experience of a full year of style. 2 Wardrobe sessions at the beginning of each season and 2 shopping experiences with Satisfashion Stylist and is a great Christmas gift for a year of perfect style ahead. 

What my Clients had to say …….

“I was so surprised at how well you picked clothes for me. Everything I tried on was really good fit and style. I feel like I know what my look is and I know how I want to look when I leave the house. The shopping experience was really fun and I would never have tried on half the clothes normally” – Emily

“I really enjoyed the shopping experience even though I was exhausted by the end of it and that was with you carrying the bags.” – Lesley

“The shopping experience was incredible and exhausting! The preparation work that you put in before our epic adventure was fabulous and was more than happy with the items chosen for me”- Jackie

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